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The password is reset from the Login screen. If needed, logout of the Platinum NVR/DVR. To log back in, try to access the menu … default password” box.

How to Reset Lts Platinum Series Dvr Nvr Password (2023)

Login to the DVR as administrator using. 888888/888888 for username and password. Press. “Enter” Key for the password prompt. Step 3. Select “ARCHIVE” then “ …

Are you having trouble about resetting your LTS Platinum series NVR/DVR password? We can definitely help you reset your password.

Resetting the Password on the Platinum Series

Jun 9, 2022 — Step 1. Open the IP Portal first. Select the device that needs to have its password reset. Step 2. Select “Forgot Password.” on the bottom right …

Platinum DVR Quick Setup – Worldeyecam

The account – admin, password – 668648 or 000000000000 to login Management menu, navigate to the User that. And password will reset to default ( User: admin …

(Platinum) use PC to Reset Password –

(Platinum) use PC to Reset Password –

LTS Default Password for cameras and recorders ; admin. admin. ; admin. 12345. ; admin. LTS12345. …

Our Support Hours:(NJ)(CA) Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 9:00 PM (EST)You may e-mail LTS Technical Support at (based on your region) …

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AVM – Resetting Default Password – CMS4 from Platinum CCTV

LTS Default Password for cameras and recorders – Learn

The LTS default password for cameras and recorders varies, you can try one of the following combinations described in this article.

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